Tulku Pema Wangyal Rinpoche has advised us to say prayers and mantras to help counteract the Coronavirus around the world. These are extremely powerful practices and everyone is welcome to participate.

Rinpoche said “It will definitely help if you and the group can say these mantras, but they need to be said for all beings who are suffering. It would be really great if everyone can contribute to the recitation.”


Please help us reach our goal by doing the following practice as many times as you can. Then, fill out this form to add your accumulations to our group totals. Remember to update your contributions daily, using the form each time, so we can keep an accurate running total.

We will do these accumulations together as a group. (Meaning, five people accumulating 10 each comes to 50 accumulations.)

Our goal as a group is to accumulate 6,000 malas of the mantra from the Sadhana of Chenrezig: Om mani pémé hung hri

Our current group total is 6038 malas (as of May 7, 2021)


Thank you to all who participated in reaching the goal!

We have shared this happy news with Tulku Rinpoche.

Please continue to practice until this pandemic is over.

Many thanks!

Please fill out this form so we can include your accumulations in our group total. Thank you for participating in this important practice!

* PLEASE NOTE: A mala is a kind of rosary made of 108 beads. If you own a mala, just move  one bead for each mantra or prayer said until you reach the end of the mala. If you don’t own a mala, you can count on your phone or on paper. Hold the mala in your left hand at the level of your heart. Using your thumb, pull the bead toward your heart with every recitation. When you’ve completed the round in whatever recording form you choose (108 recitations), count it as one mala.