There will be no Group Meditation this Sunday, May 26, 2024.

Join us next Sunday, June 2, 2024 for Family Meditation!


Most Sundays (10:30am-Noon)*

Learn and practice meditation to calm the mind and develop compassion. Ideal for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners!

We do various practices including Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation (Shamatha-Vipassana) and The Practice of Exchange (Tonglen), a meditation designed specifically for developing a compassionate heart.

As each session includes meditation instruction and a Dharma talk led by Ani Palmo, this is a perfect opportunity to learn the basics of Buddhism for those who are curious or would like a refresher.

Come sit with us!

These sessions are also shared live on Zoom!

*The FIRST Sunday of the month is reserved for Family Meditation. 

Ani Palmo’s guided meditations are also available anytime on YouTube.