Please, if you are interested in this topic or concerned regarding our requests, look into these following resources

If, after investigating in this way, you choose to continue eating meat and dairy, at least you will be aware of the repercussions your choice has on the animals, the environment, and your own health.

An excellent place to start is where you can find a plethora of books, free downloads, teachings, and more.

You can get a free download of a book called Cherish All Life, which is a slim, but powerful text on Buddhists teachings regarding meat, as well as on the environmental and other impacts of meat-eating. Reading this book is what inspired me to go vegetarian.

There is a movie called “Earthings” which Tulku Rinpoche has asked all of us to view. It is a difficult thing to watch, I myself have not yet made it all the way through. If just watching this suffering is hard, imagine how hard it is to endure it! If we cannot face what happens as the result of our actions, how can we continue to do them blindly?

Another eye-opening film is called “Farm to Fridge,” which can be viewed here.

These days bacon is all the rage, this video shows what happens to create it.

But, but….cheese!! I know. I felt the same for years, until I learned about Suffering in the Dairy Industry. Once I knew that, and once I started looking for what vegan-cheese options are available, it became very easy.

There are several companies that make really good vegan cheeses– Vegan GourmetChao (Field Roast)MiyokoKite HillDaiyaTeese and more! There are also tons of recipes online for making your own. These cheeses hold up in a sammich, in tacos, on pizza, lasagna, etc etc. They melt! They are yumalicious!

There’s a LOT of info online about vegan options, health, recipes, etc. Here are some good places to start: